Funeral Arrangements and Supervision

These services are the primary professional services of the Funeral Directors and Staff they include:

Funeral Directors, clerical, reception, and maintenance personnel, equipment and facilities to respond to initial request for service, arrangement conference, securing of necessary death certificate, permits and necessary authorizations and coordination of service plans with church, synagogue, clergy, cemetery or crematory as selected by the family. Insertion of death notices in newspapers and all necessary details.

The amount of time required of our personnel to carry out the entire funeral as planned, the use of our establishment and equipment are the principal factors. Our service, our building, and our equipment must all be available 24 hours every day, every day of the year. Ours, therefore is a 168 hour week, not the usual 40 hour week. Thus of our total payroll, almost one fifth is for overtime work at night and on holidays! Usually a single funeral will require about 119 hours of work on the part of our staff members – sometimes less – more often more. Considerably more than half of this work is performed behind the scenes. In terms of cost, all this is covered by our charges shown under basic arrangements, supervision for visitation and supervision for funeral service at church, cemetery or crematory.

Because funeral arrangements are influenced by numerous factors such as tradition, social position, customs, religion and financial consideration, no two funerals are exactly alike. Each family becomes an individual, distinct pattern and personalization. Our service must be able to conform to each and every one of these patterns. These differing service patterns produce correspondingly different patterns in funeral cost. Our service is very much like that of a hospital in that there must always be complete flexibility to meet any of a hundred different requests. Both funeral homes and hospitals must maintain staffs and facilities in complete readiness for the needs of the next hour.