Frequently Asked Questions about Cremation

Many people have either considered cremation, or are curious about this very personal choice of disposition. Clearly, you are not alone. You may be surprised to learn that cremation, is fast becoming a choice of a growing number of families throughout North America. To answer some of the questions you may have on the subject, we have gathered some background information and explanations of the types of services, memorials, rituals and other concerns asked most often about this method of disposition.

Who has Legal Authorization?
Isn't cremation an end in itself?
How is the Cremation Process accomplished?
Are Remembrance Services and Gatherings appropriate?.
What are the options for memorialization and final disposition?
When is Embalming or Refrigeration needed ?
How does the cost of cremation compare with burial or entombment?
How is a cremation service different from a traditional funeral service?
What about scattering the cremated remains?
What is the Minimum Cremation Service - without scheduled visitation or service that I can expect?