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Frequently Asked Questions about Funerals

Is a casket required?

There are two instances when a casket is required:

1. As a cemetery or legal requirement
2. As a practical necessity for final disposition of the body as they offer a more familiar construction then an alternative container.

Although an actual casket is not always necessary or legally required, most chose a casket as it offers greater protection of the body and creates an attractive appearance during the visitation and service.

The final decision to select a casket, however, can only be made by those who plan the funeral, be they family members, close friends or those who pre-arrange their own funerals. We will honor these wishes, whatever the choice.

Containers and caskets range from $90 to $12,350.

Are all caskets or containers alike?

Caskets are available in different styles, colors and materials. Some manufacturers offer specialized features and customization options to reflect the life of the deceased.

The choice of casket or container can depend on any number of factors, ranging from personal taste to financial considerations. Although Clark Associates Funeral Home is available to offer professional counseling and answer questions about the quality and craftsmanship of various caskets, the decision is always yours to make.

It is important that everyone be able to make an informed decision about the appropriate choice of casket or container.

Is an outside container required?

Not all cemeteries require that an outside container or vault be used; and an outside container is not a legal requirement. To guarantee that the grave will not sink with the passing of time, however, some cemeteries will require that the casket be placed in some type of outside container or vault. Also to attempt to secure the casket if a natural disaster occurs.

Is embalming required?

Contrary to popular belief, embalming is not required by any state or province within the United States or Canada. There are exceptions or circumstances when embalming may be required, however, such as when a public health hazard is present or when transporting human remains across a considerable distance. But in most cases, it is not required when burial or cremation is in the same vicinity.

Even when embalming is not required, many prefer embalming for two basic reasons:

1. Embalming makes It possible to delay final disposition long enough to notify friends and relatives who may want to attend the visitation and service.

2. If there is to be a viewing, embalming and modern science of cosmetology and restorative art make possible a comforting final appearance of the body, allowing family and friends the opportunity and benefit of a final goodbye.


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