Funeral Pre-Arrangement and Senior Care Services


What is pre-arrangement?

Pre-arrangement is the planning of funeral services before the need arises, often years before a death occurs. It is also referred to as pre planning, pre arranging, and pre need. A funeral director will record your wishes for the type of service desired, music and flowers, casket selection, people to involve, clergy or religious preferences, veteran considerations, and other details. You and your family then receive a copy of these preferences; the funeral home keeps a copy as well. We suggest keeping these records in a place that surviving family members will be able to access.

Why should I pre-arrange?

Many people decide to pre-arrange funerals to relieve their families of having to make these difficult decisions during their time of grief. Pre-arrangement is also possible for those considering cremation. Pre-paying allows you to eliminate yet another worry for your survivors. If you are interested in pre-arrangement, please discuss it with your family first. We can help you with pre-planning and guaranteed funding options. It is a good idea to let your family or other persons close to you know about your wishes. This will eliminate any added stress to your loved ones at time of death.

A complete general price list is available upon request. In most situations, funds invested today, in compliance with New York State Department of Health, will be sufficient to cover the total cost of the funeral at time of need.

If you would like to begin the preplanning process please call us at 914-232-3033 to discuss your wishes.

Funeral Pre Planning

What are my choices?

The total cost of a funeral will depend on the choices made by those responsible for its planning. These choices can range from a funeral or memorial service, a casket or urn, clergy fees, and many other options. All these expressions of remembrance should be made freely, after thoughtful review of the many choices available and their associated costs.

These costs fall into three basic categories:

1. Use of the funeral home facilities and equipment
2. Professional services of the funeral home staff
3. Arrangement and Supervision
4. The merchandise selected

The assistance given to the families we serve will never be influenced by the amount spent on the funeral. Every family receives unlimited assistance and full attention based on their needs and wishes – regardless of the choices made.

Do I have to pre-pay?

No, although many choose to for a number of reasons. Because pre-financing ensures funds are available when needed, the family’s financial concerns are alleviated, preventing an unnecessary burden at a time of loss. Pre-financing also can help offset inflation, allowing you to guarantee tomorrow’s cost at today’s prices. Additionally, some choose to pre-finance to preserve one’s Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) eligibility.

Pre Paid Guarantee

We guarantee the delivery of service and merchandise selected in the Pre-arrangement when paid in full at the signing of the Pre-arranged goods and service statement.

Our guarantee is that the balance including interest in the Pre-financed trust will pay for the funeral selected. If certain merchandise is no longer available it will be replaced with like or better merchandise.

If you would like to begin a preplanned arrangement please call one of our directors at 914-232-3033.

Funeral Pre-Arrangement/ Pre-Financed

The master trust we use is F.D.I.C. insured and meet all the standards and is acceptable to the New York State Department of health. Trusts can be revocable or irrevocable. In most cases, they are revocable, meaning that funds can be withdrawn at any time. At the time of death, however, these funds can be paid directly to the funeral home upon presentation of death certificate, assuring that your funeral expenses are taken care of properly.

Often trusts are used to protect an individual’s assets and to solve some estate consequences. For those in nursing homes, for instance, this method helps ensure that funds will be available long after all other finances are depleted, as well as preserve Medicaid or SSI eligibility.

We accept national transferability of Prearranged Funeral or Cremation Services.

Senior Care Service

At Clark Associates Funeral Home we are able to offer specific insurance products through our general insurance agent.

These products are specifically geared towards senior or elder care.

We offer these insurance products through a New York Insurance company that is rated A and M Best A+. As New York Health and Life agents we offer, Long Term Health Care, Medicare Supplement and Term or Whole Life Insurance.

These products are presented to assist our client families to prepare a comprehensive program in conjunction to pre-planning their funeral arrangement.

If you would like to begin the pre-planning process please call 914-232-3033 to discuss your wishes.