Roy Deane Estrow

       Estrow, Roy Deane, a 28 year resident of Katonah, New York, died Thursday, April 12th, 2017 at Westchester Medical Center.  The son of Dorothy R. Estrow and Herbert Theodore Estrow, he was born July 27th, 1958, in Manhattan and raised in Mt. Vernon, New York.  A 1976 graduate of Mt. Vernon High School he then attended Rochester Institute of Technology.  He founded Creative Partners with his mentor Spencer Rutledge in 1987, a media firm of Westchester and it remains thriving today in Stamford, Connecticut.  He then established Country Willow Home with his wife Cori, which began on Katonah Avenue, Katonah, New York, in June 1996, and has grown to be a beloved part of his community to this day, currently located in Bedford Hills. An active member of Bridges to Community, Roy traveled to Nicaragua consistently over almost twenty years, bringing his family and many others there to help build homes and schools for a community he loved dearly.   An artist, businessman, spiritual, giving human being who overcame many obstacles committed much of his life to being present and giving to others.  From the mountains to the ocean to the desert to the jeep, his passion for life and nature was always present, but his greatest accomplishment was being a father to Holly.  He is survived by his wife Cori Estrow, daughter Holly Rae Estrow, sister Fern Gale Estrow and extended loving family and friends who will continue to look up to him.

The Memorial Service will be celebrated on Sunday, April 15th at 2:30 pm at Country Willow, 230 Route 117 Bypass Road, Bedford Hills, NY 10507. 

            In lieu of flowers Cori would like donations made to Bridges to Community and the Make a Wish Foundation, Hudson Valley Chapter.