Summary of VA Benefits

Does the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits cover all the funeral arrangements of honorably discharged veterans?
Is documentation necessary to verify military service?
How can the family request a flag?
Do Military Funeral Honors need to be scheduled in advance?
Are Veterans' caskets free?
How can the family obtain a Presidential Memorial Certificate?
What if I choose to not be buried in a VA National Cemetery?
What are the eligibility requirements for burial in a VA National Cemetery?
Are headstones or markers provided for burial in a private cemetery?
Are there replacement options for military service medals, awards and decorations?


For further information:

To apply for compensation, Pension or Vocational Rehabilitation benefits online:
(VA Website Address)

For further information and links to all regional offices visit:

NYC Regional Office:
Veterans Administration
New York RegionalOffice
245 West Houston Street
New york, NY 10014
212-807-7229 ext. 3490

Toll-Free Service
Benefits information and Assistance

Each VA has its own eligibility requirements. For more information about specific benefits, you may visit the nearest VA or call:

Special Toll-Free Numbers

Health Benefits – 877-222-8387
Education Benefits – 888-442-4551
VA Life Insurance – 800-669-8477
Office of SGLI – 800-419-1473
Headstones – (status of claims only) – 800-697-6947
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf – (TDD) – 800-829-4833